Venturing into the 9-5 world, we spoke to mums who are also full-time workers, and took a peek at the spaces where creative types do their stuff.

Awww ... five couples shared the stories of how they met, kooky collectors showed off the stuff they [heart] the best, and creative country cats told why they like rural living the best. Rants on love in the cinema, male jealousy and real friendship.

Stories had highs (our first cocktail roadtest), lows (rants about living on baked beans) and plenty of life (our story on women who’d been in their 20s in different decades of the 20th century helped everyone connect with their mum and nanna).

Jena Malone, Zach Braff and Abbie Cornish were the next big things in this issue. We also met couples who worked together, and got insider knowledge in interviews with an Australian sex worker and a London paparazzo.

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