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issue 61

Hola, frankie friends! Issue 61 is on sale in Australia today, which makes it quite a splendid day, don't you think? For your consideration, we have: a brief history of girl groups – The Supremes! The Runaways! Salt-n-freakin'-Pepa! – an entirely artistic meditation on bedside tables, an ode to why phone calls make everyone anxious, and a big long talk on the topic of failure (which is less depressing than it sounds). We've also taken a spin around India, pondered the meaning of blank notebooks, met a band whose whole ouevre is based on Judy Blume books, and chatted with a genuine, honest-to-goodness Guinness World Record holder. If you need inspiration for what to read on your next road trip, you're in luck. Ditto if you're looking for human furniture that's designed for cats and dogs and/or an open source knitting machine that creates 3D printing the old-fashioned way. We have a review of creepy retro craft books and some dreamy sleepwear to ogle at, plus the joys of staying in, awesome glitter walls, internet otters and a smidge of public nudity. Oh and all the usual frankie goodness as well – enjoy!