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issue 65

Hello frankie friends. Are you suitably excited? Issue 65 is on sale in Australia today and we can't wait to share every page with you. Inside we've got a pair of history detectives, some semi-drunken whisky reviews, and pom poms at the North Pole, plus a properly tiny house in Christchurch and a spirited defence of being boring. We chat with handy types working in old-fashioned trades – if you ever wanted to know how to make a rocking horse, here's your chance – and several unscary folk who work with dead people. There's a look at some very important moments in glitter history, and the definitive reasons why Mondays suck. Plus pretty prosthetic legs, the joys of clean sheets and going bra-free, and the knowledge that Paula Abdul probably invented the Running Man. Want more? We also have a dreamy '70s-tinged sci-fi vision of the future, and a slightly sick-making view of the recipes of the past (fish custard does not sound good). Oh, and there's a special, sarcastic poster on offer too. Hope you like it!