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issue 70

Please form an orderly queue at your local newsagent and/or quality frankie purveyor – issue 70 is out in Australia today! Inside you’ll find a round-up of 12 slightly awesome local creatives to fall a bit in love with, a lady who wants you to eat bugs and a sure-fire method for slaying your opponents at pub trivia. We chat with an old-fashioned country town drag queen and two designers who document their lives in data form, plus a bit of musical talk with Banoffee and Hinds, too. There’s a look at some switched-on lady nerds who changed the course of tech history and a very serious ranking of dog breeds, based mostly on which ones most like to have their tummies rubbed. We take a look at photographer Natalie McComas’s project documenting folk around the world with port wine stain birthmarks, and meet a Melbourne musician who wants to bring back the Great Australian Variety Show – awkward bits and all. We ponder our fascination with things that go bump in the night, the therapeutic value of glamour and learn how to talk to cats. Plus there are non-crap wedding cards, Cuban homestays, chairs that want you to switch your goddamn phone off and an awesome (super-easy) beaded curtain to make. Phew! So much goodness! Please feel free to rush screaming out of the house and buy at least 10 copies for everyone you know.