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Back when it all began in 2004, frankie magazine founders Louise Bannister and Lara Burke could think of nothing better than spending their time op-shopping and drinking cups of tea. They were uninspired with the publications offered on newsagency shelves – they wanted a magazine that spoke directly to the reader, contained great, affordable fashion, sweet art, interesting reads, real people and pretty photography. So, they got to work and made their dream a reality.

Though Lou and Lara have since said goodbye to their printed offspring, a whole load of lovely people have joined the frankie family and helped bring this little mag to the world. They’ve also kept busy making cookbooks like Afternoon Tea and Sweet Treats, the popular interiors publication SPACES, annual diaries and calendars, DIY book A Little Bit Crafty, an ever-growing stationery line, laugh-out-loud anthology Something to Say, and the inspiring coffee table book Look What We Made. There are charming podcasts, excellent events, and loads of top-notch tidbits on this here website, too. They all still dig a bit of vintage and a nice cuppa, though.

EMMA DO / editor

As frankie editor, Emma's job mainly consists of coming up with ideas and vaguely bossing people around, as well as writing, interviewing, sourcing content and proofing the mag. (Plus lots of other frankie-related bits.) Emma is a big fan of Syd The Kid’s sultry tones, pooch-filled calendars and the refreshing scent of cucumber, but has no time for gusty wind or folks who talk over people.


Shannon heads up frankie’s website, e-newsletter and small-business vertical Strictly Business, and is an all-round writer for the mag. She loves nothing more than listening to loud bands play at dingy pubs, and is also a fan of sunrise walks and sunny days. She has no love for winter or high heels, though (Docs forever).


Alice makes all manner of things look nice for frankie, from the pages of the mag to our digital assets and special projects. If she’s not at her desk, she’s most likely camping, cuddling her sausage dog Stevie or polishing off an ice-cream. To stay in her good books, avoid serving her doughnuts or making her do the dishes.


Caitlyn is a design whiz who also flexes her illustration and animation skills for frankie projects. A few of her favourite things include daydreaming, country towns and watching ‘how it’s made’ videos. She tries her best to avoid fruit salad and pesky groups who take up the whole footpath.


Kelsey’s a magazine ninja who looks after social media, marketing, event-planning and everything in between. More impressive Kelsey facts: she’s a fearsome hiker who tackles 100km trails, she can recite every lyric from ABBA’s Super Trouper. In case you were wondering, her pet hates are phones at the dinner table and spicy food.


When she’s not dancing or frolicking about with her border collie Walter and French bulldog Leeroy, Molly spends her days face-first in a pile of magazines and looking after ad clients across the country. She’s rather fond of hot chips from the pub and loves a bit of banter, but chipped nail polish and frosty mornings make her feel a bit glum.


Claire spends much of her time reliving her childhood with her own little’uns: gliding around on pearly blue roller skates, camping out under the stars and scoffing chocolate by the fistful. You’ll also catch her looking after ad clients from overseas and all around Australia. Where you won't find her is in a car (she much prefers her bike) or sitting back to read some poetry.


Aside from her encyclopedic knowledge of local birds, Emily brings bucketloads of clever ideas to frankie press in her role as branded content director. Out of the office, she can often be found hoarding snacks and admiring senior greyhounds, usually while donning some super-cute threads. Don’t bother serving her red onion in a salad, and definitely don't munch on an apple when you're next to her – the sound drives her up the wall.


Lizzie has her fingers in a whole bunch of pies (and she’s across all kinds of things in the office, too – badum-tish!). Like a magical elf who plays the drums really well, she helps out with production, marketing, advertising and design support, as well as general day-to-day admin. Ask her what she’s into and she’ll say hiking, savoury snacks and being outdoors – rain, her alarm clock and loose bike chains, on the other hand, make her rather mad.

gaye murray / general manager

As GM, Gaye wears a whole bunch of hats, and spends her days talking budgets, general office-y stuff, and plotting the future direction of the business. Ways to describe her include: Chunky Move junkie; lover of fresh air and natural light; and aspiring collector of Mid-century Australian furniture. She also has an aversion to styrofoam and plastic or paper food containers.