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issue 64

Are you in need of some frankie goodness right now? Issue 64 is on sale in Australia today and it's rammed full of top stuff, including life advice from Sleater-Kinney (and Portlandia) founder Carrie Brownstein, a mob of Melbourne lads who want you to help squish grapes for your own wine, and some sewn-together book characters that might make you grin like an idiot. We have a look at street style from Tehran and some rebelliously coloured houses from Hungary (there's also a little trip to Mexico in there as well). Plus chats with an actress who divides her time between jobs in Sydney and family in Arnhem Land, and a bunch of creative father-daughter companies mixing business with relations. There's a guide to photographing your favourite dog or cat, and a very important meditation on the relative merits of pasta shapes (spoiler alert: shells lose). We try to get our heads around the world of zero-waste living, and tread warily into the sometimes bonkers world of Pride and Prejudice reimaginings – may contain zombies and pirates. Plus there's all the usual frankie shenanigans: pretty pictures, arty bits, crafted fun, swoony fashion and lots of things to make you laugh and think. Hope you enjoy!