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issue 57

frankie 57 is on sale in Australia today, and if you're thinking of going down the shops to nab one you might want to limber up first, because this issue is BIG. And HEAVY. But mostly BIG. Big enough to include DIY designer envelopes. Big enough for extra-special greeting cards. And big enough for a massive, cute and super-handy 2014 wall planner in addition to our usual two-month calendar and poster. It's also big enough to have loads of rad stories inside: grandmas who rock, life lessons from original riot grrrl Kathleen Hanna, Sierra Leone street style, ice-cream themed fashions, young pattern designers from around the world and a guide to help you not kill succulents. We have advice from a 'bibliotherapist' on what books to read when hungover and/or on a really long plane trip, spiritual guidance from a champion crocheter and Britain's oldest punk, and tips for how to buy art when you're low on cash. Want some info on retro-era plates and eggs with clown faces on them? That's in there too. Also – in no particular order – mozzie repellents, pillow forts, the joy of lying to children and Gareth Liddiard. Issue 57 is a one-time price of $13.95 (we'll be back to our regular price next time). Enjoy!