Due to the overwhelming amount of submissions received daily, we will not be able to reply or provide feedback unless they are of interest. Apologies for this in advance!

contributor guidelines

frankie is a national bi-monthly aimed at women (and men) who can’t get their regular magazine fix anywhere else. We feature interviews, rants, reviews, photography projects, fashion shoots and editorial pictures all in keeping with the frankie ‘personality’ – smart, funny, friendly, cute, rude, naughty, curious, interested, serious, caring.

frankie features are more than your average magazine articles – if you can imagine your idea running in another Australian publication, then you will have to re-think your pitch. Our readers expect the unexpected every time they open a new issue. The best ideas should be the kind that will make a reader go to their best friend and say, “You need to see this, it’s really inspirational/funny/gut-wrenching/creative/surprising.”

Our writers have their own individual voices, and we encourage them to speak their minds. We’re looking for sharp-eyed perspectives and narratives, bursting with personal insight and wit. Our best writing is unflinchingly honest, irreverent and stylish but never too-cool-for-school. It should welcome the reader in rather than shut them out.

Photographers and illustrators are also expected to be a little out of leftfield, providing smart, quirky, cute, retro-tinged pictures readers can linger over and love. One of the magazine’s greatest strengths is its individual design, and our best photographic contributors know what makes a picture ‘frankie’ and what doesn’t.

For all contributors, both finished work and pitches are welcome. If sending only a pitch, please include clippings and/or portfolio samples of previous work. Read as many back issues as you can to get an idea of style and the ground we cover. Note that we work between three and four months in advance of our on-sale dates, and hey, everyone likes a (short) cover letter.


Email your submissions here with all your relevant details in the form of a standard .doc or .rtf attachment.

photographers, illustrators & makers of pretty clothing and bits and bobs

Email your submissions here with all your relevant details in the form of lo-res jpeg attachments, pdfs and/or links to websites, flickr or similar file-sharing sites.


To submit an image for the frankie Instagram page, simply tag @frankiemagazine on a post! All work will be credited if run.


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