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frankie needs my brilliance. How do I contribute?
We welcome submissions from new writers, photographers, illustrators and assorted creative folk. You can read our submission guidelines here. Just so you know, we get a lot of people wanting to contribute so we aren’t able to write a personal reply or offer feedback to every email.

I’ve sent you a press release/CD/book/thingy – why haven’t I heard anything back?
We get so much good stuff through the post and on email. We promise to have a look, but we’ll only get back to you if we need more info and/or we are looking to pop it in the mag.

Do you guys offer work experience or internships?
We are unfortunately unable to run any work experience or internship programs. Sorry to disappoint!

My frankie pile is looking a bit slim. Can I buy back issues?
We have some back issues available. Just head to our shop or email here with your wish list and we’ll let you know what we can do.

I’m overseas and still need my frankie fix. Where can I pick up its sweet pages outside Australia?
frankie is available in lots of places all over the world. Click here for details of your nearest stockist. Or to subscribe, click here. frankie is also available in digital form. Click here to find out more.

I have a store and I'd like to stock frankie mag/frankie books, what should I do?
Just shoot an email over here to find out more about becoming a stockist.

Help! My subscription has gone astray!
Changed your address? Postie neglected to deliver your mag? Call our subscriptions team on 1300 361 146 or +61 2 9901 6111 or email here.

I want free stuff! What do I have to do to win a frankie competition?
We get thousands of entries to each competition we run, so winning takes a lot of luck, and possibly patience! Most competitions require the name of the competition in the subject line emailed and your address details in the body of the email, plus any other info we ask for (size, colour, etc).

Can I interview you for my uni assignment or thesis?
Sorry – due to time constraints we’re unable to help out with anything like this. Good luck with your essay, though!

I think I want to work in the magazine industry. What’s your advice?
Start getting published as soon as you can. Volunteer at your local street press, uni paper or community radio station. You don’t need a uni degree for anything in publishing, but it might come in handy one day, so it’s up to you. Good luck!

What's the go with frankie Instagram?
To submit an image for the frankie Instagram page, simply tag @frankiemagazine on a post! All work will be credited if run.

I love print, but I also want to be good to the environment. How is frankie made?
With much love and care for our planet! Our printer, IVE Group, actively works on minimising their environmental impact by recycling and re-using materials as much as possible. Ninety-five per cent of IVE Group's inks are vegetable-based, and all of their commercial printing presses use recyclable ink cartridges as opposed to non-recyclable ink tins. Each issue of frankie is printed on PEFC and FSC certified paper stock that is locally milled and sourced from sustainable plantations.