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issue 60

Shake some confetti into your hair and grab the largest piece of cake you can find, frankie friends – our 10th birthday is upon us with issue 60 out in Australia today! Inside you'll find St Vincent being wise, suburban Chinese restaurants being kitsch and icing being put to uses you've probably never seen before. There are meditations on bad gift-giving and age-appropriate dress, a yummy guide to tea and cheese, a look at creative bartering (featuring flowers and pickles) and a chat with puberty poet laureate Judy Blume. We meet a lady making public art in Beirut and another who's busy making wooden furniture from scratch. And for special birthday kicks, we give you a giant, hand-lettered alphabet poster and a special recipe guide featuring nosh from our favourite bits of pop culture: the Baby-sitters Club, Golden Girls, Twin Peaks and The Goodies. It really does have to be seen to be believed. Plus: cute woollens for winter, where lamingtons came from, a visit to the pet cemetary (not as depressing as it sounds), a crafty project to make your own giant YAY, and – possibly – the meaning of life.*

*Not guaranteed