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issue 66

Biff, bam, pow, frankie friends! And just like that – issue 66 is on sale in Australia. As always, there is a load of top stuff to behold within its pleasingly matte pages. Like a photo project pairing op shop dolls with human counterparts, a lovingly designed NZ slang dictionary and a human genius who has managed to make vodka out of tea leaves. We talk to three lovely florists about what gets them out of bed (very, very early) in the morning, take a trip to Cambodia with designer Jane Heng, chat to ace music ladies Jenny Lewis and Laura Jean about their newest tunes and ponder the role of male muses in the artistic world. There’s some stiff debate on whether the word ‘bogan’ needs to die, a brief and scientific overview of bouffy hair and the strongly held conviction that mums are about to become the centre of the pop culture universe. Plus we pay respects to the awesomeness of Joan Cusack and learn to make a whole lot of different types of soup. All this on top of the usual art, fashion, craft and bits that (hopefully) make you laugh. Fingers crossed you like it!