Actors and musicians like Clare Bowditch, Brendan Cowell and Sam Worthington introduced us to their best friends for issue 12. We also profiled creative cats with their own record labels, DIY designer handbags and motherly advice from four writers who should have known better.

Lucky legs eleven saw stories on creative people who live and work in the same space, fashion designers sharing the passion for dressmaking, cheesy music, the town versus country debate, how to impress your workmates, debunking gender stereotypes (including women going to the toilet in pairs), and how to swear creatively.

frankie got a bit grown-up for its first double-figure issue, with a story on first houses, a writers’ piece on self-help books and a rant about 20-something meltdowns.

We made four brave souls put up their hands and say, “I still live at home”, interviewed cross-cultural couples about their lives and had actors, musicians and designers share piccies from Christmas days of the past.

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