issue 59 sneak peek

9:00am Sunday, 13 Apr.

Howdy-do, frankie friends! Anyone else need a wardrobe top-up for the chilly season?

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9:00am Thursday, 13 Mar.

Woop-di-doo, frankie fellows! We're doing a happy little jig this morning, because issue 59 will be born into the world in just a few weeks.

frankie's new-look newsletter

3:00pm Sunday, 16 Feb.

We'd never want to look anything but our best when we stop by for a visit, so we've had a little makeover.

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3:00pm Tuesday, 14 Jan.

Hopefully your 2014 calendar is all sorted by now, because we've got some dates worth circling and underlining in highlighter.

Yikes, it's only three more sleeps 'til Christmas, and if you don't have your presents sorted yet, it's time to kick your gift-buying butt into gear.

a frankie tapestry

9:00am Saturday, 30 Nov.

Every now and then a message hits our inbox that makes our hearts swell up into balls of love-filled mush.

This awesomely awkward pair are looking rather stoked about something, and we can't help thinking it's frankie's looming on-sale date.

issue 56 sneak peek

3:00pm Sunday, 13 Oct.

Oh hey there, frankie friends. Who's hungry?

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3:00pm Monday, 16 Sep.

Two months have slipped by in a flurry, and believe it or not, frankie issue 56 hits the shelves in less than a month.

issue 55 on sale today

9:00am Monday, 19 Aug.

Hello frankie nation! Issue 55 is on sale today in Australia and there are many wondrous things inside its covers.

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