tunesday – yeo interview

3:00pm Tuesday, 18 Feb.

A chinwag with the Melbourne producer and musician about songwriting, Mariah Carey and chicken rice.

tunesday - tiana khasi

9:00am Tuesday, 17 Sep.

Celestial, soulful tunes from one talented Brissy muso. 

The English singer-songwriter and 'friendly lesbian pope' (more on that later) shares her favourite life motto and party track, along with a few other loves.

the breadtag project

9:00am Friday, 23 Aug.

Illustrator Shani Nottingham collects piles and piles of bread tags in the name of art (and environmentalism).

A little chat about the duo’s new album, music making, and the ultimate dinner party guest list. 

tunesday – soak interview

3:00pm Tuesday, 04 Jun.

A little chinwag about songwriting, the weirdness of performing and the beauty of baked goods.

five minutes with miranda tapsell

3:00pm Thursday, 02 May.

The triple-threat actor who co-wrote, produced and starred in the new flick Top End Wedding, tells us about her five-year project, and what it means to see Tiwi elders on the silver screen.

The singer-songwriter tells us about her new album, surviving heartbreak and running in a corset.

The singer-songwriter tells us about recording her latest album in her parents’ barn, dancing it out, and getting her motorcycle license.

‘Nike footwear designer’ is a pretty dreamy job title, but it’s one Toowoomba lass Reba Brammer gets to live out every day.

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