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tunesday – my favourite things with shura

tunesday – my favourite things with shura


The English singer-songwriter and 'friendly lesbian pope' (more on that later) shares her favourite life motto and party track, along with a few other loves.

Love is not what Shura expected to write about on her sophomore record. The English singer-songwriter and producer’s debut album explored themes of anxiety, unrequited romance and outsidery loneliness – but that’s all changed now that she’s in love.

The songs on forevher – playful and soul-infused – celebrate the mushy feeling in all its forms, from queer desire to the joys of sex. Oh, and there’s a video of her playing a pope alongside a bunch of lesbian nuns for the single “religion (u can lay your hands on me)”, too. But before we get to that, Shura shares a few of her favourite things with us below.


My favourite track from the new album is currently “Tommy”. It was inspired by a chance encounter with an 89-year-old man in an ice-cream chain in Texas, so it could quite easily never have happened.

My favourite thing to cook to impress someone is Penne alla vodka. I’m more of a ‘make something delicious for someone’ person than someone who makes something fancy. Also, I think pasta is one of the greatest things to have ever existed.

My favourite song to get the party started with is “Young Hearts Run Free” by Candi Staton. It’s probably the greatest party song of all time.

My favourite school subject was Religious Studies with Philosophy, which is funny because I’m an atheist!

My favourite place I've visited is South America. I spent six months there once. I did a lot of trekking in the mountains, spent a month in the rainforest and saw Machu Picchu. It was incredible.

My favourite motto to live by is 'We’re all going to die anyway'. I don’t know why, but it’s kind of comforting. Also, it helps me make decisions!
My favourite piece of music-making advice is the same as my motto to live by. Ha! When applied to music, it means: don’t be afraid to experiment or make mistakes. Do what excites you. Better to love what you do and fail than hate what to do and succeed. Ideally you can love what you do and succeed, though!