Nhung Nguyen's collages are embellished with such intricate details that we assume she has some kind of peewee pair of scissors to nick out tiny shapes.

Fuzzy felt was a vital part of many of our childhoods, but Jacopo Rosati has taken the creative journey the other way round.

agnes thor's photography interview

3:00pm Saturday, 27 Apr.

Besides having a name that sounds like an awesome Scandinavian superhero, Agnes shoots beautiful wintry photos that conjure up tales of sun-dappled forests and sweet Swedish romance.

Maggie Louden has lived in Washington State for an awfully long time now, fostering her creativity amongst the forests, mountain ranges and old Seattle architecture.

tunesday - junip interview

9:00am Tuesday, 23 Apr.

How Junip manage to make music that's as perfect a soundtrack for a roadtrip along the coast as a rainy day of hibernation is beyond us, but we've gotta say, we're pretty darn into it.

paul hermes photography interview

3:00pm Saturday, 20 Apr.

Sometimes it's the mundane tedium of life that delivers the most captivating moments, something that Melbourne-based photographer Paul Hermes is well aware of.

We know it for the busy beaches, delicious tapas and mind-blowing architecture, but for our next instalment in the Postcards series the illustrator and clever lady behind blog Di Doo Da shows us what her new-found home is really like.

The spirited songstress Iluka told us about Alexander the Great and being a mermaid, and it's fair to say that we're completely hooked.

Katie Stratton has been an Ohio resident since she was a wee one, watching its transformation from a farming town full of cowboy boots and steel guitars to... well, it's pretty much the same, to be honest, but with more record stores.

To an outsider, Gothenburg is viewed as the giant, Scandinavian equivalent of Sydney's Newtown or Melbourne's Fitzroy - large enough to be the second biggest city in Sweden, in fact.

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