books to chew on

9:00am Friday, 12 Apr.

Mouths are for eating. Eyes are for reading. These books bring together the best of both worlds.

The Sydney songstress has written a heart-melting novel set in her hometown.

Bugger convention – bring on the brain challenges.

If you want some fresh reading material, why not give some of these queer writers a shot?

finding places to read

3:00pm Wednesday, 31 Jan.

Discover a few clever ways to incorporate a little reading time into your day.

Make an excellent impression on your fellow commuters by holding these books in your mitts. (They also happen to be damn good reads.)

Here are some books that’ll prepare you for the apocalypse (and just so happen to be ripper reads, too).

We’ve assembled a few reads of the romantic variety that (hopefully) won’t make you spew.

Some books that’ll make you want to cover yourself in custard and eat a pile of fries.

How to make a new pal, or just get everyone on the same page.

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