tile dresses by zhanna kadyrova

3:00pm Friday, 30 Aug.

This Ukrainian artist finds the beauty in crumbling buildings.

the breadtag project

9:00am Friday, 23 Aug.

Illustrator Shani Nottingham collects piles and piles of bread tags in the name of art (and environmentalism).

Say hello to the talented artist behind issue 91's colourful cover.

tree huggers

9:00am Tuesday, 06 Aug.

Botanical artist Christophe Guinet gives trees a big leafy embrace.

ceramic swimmers

3:00pm Friday, 26 Jul.

Artist Brendan Lee Satish Tang illustrates what it feels like to be a 'fish out of water'.

carine arnakis's dreamy illustrations

3:00pm Wednesday, 24 Jul.

You know an artist is good when they can portray a seemingly mundane activity and make it beautiful.

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