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scribble club: may edition


Welcome to frankie’s Scribble Club! Each month, we’ll share a different written prompt, along with reader-submitted artwork, to help get your creative juices flowing.

Well, well, well. You lot have certainly brightened this chilly day with your ace submissions for last month's Scribble Club theme, 'Wild West'. As requested, there were loyal steeds, cowboy boots and plenty of warm, desert hues.

As a little treat for your hard work, we're going to ask that you make a little treat. That's right – this month we're booting out the desert and bringing in the dessert. We frankerinos have a major sweet tooth, so please show us your cakes, bikkies, pies... whatever dessert floats your boat, really! 

As always, if you feel like sharing your creations, email us your work over here, or tag us on Instagram @frankiemagazine and add the hashtag #scribbleclub.