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lana crooks transforms wool and silk into strange faux specimens


If you tend to avoid the taxidermy section of your local museum and the thought of old bones makes your skin crawl, then Lana Crooks’ sculptures probably aren’t for you. But if you’re like us and enjoy a little weirdness every so often, then you’ll find the Portland artist’s peculiar creations rather wonderful.

Lana describes herself as “a purveyor of faux specimens and soft curiosities that are a blend of science and fantasy” – a job title that, frankly, we’re jealous of. She actually started off her creative career as an illustrator, but later developed a love of crafting sculptures from fabric and found objects.

Her ‘faux specimens’ (which often take the form of small animal skeletons) are inspired by the real thing, and are usually stitched together using materials like hand-dyed wool, silk, beads and brass. The sculptures are then encased in glass domes or wooden cabinets, making them look all the more eerie. Spy more of Lana's creepy-but-cool pieces by popping over to her website and Instagram.