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sarah roseman uses discarded materials to explore childhood memories


Clever Canadian designer Sarah Roseman has been thinking about memories. Specifically, how memories are connected to the everyday materials that can be found in the home. To explore this, Sarah created a fascinating rug-like floor sculpture, titled Molten Memories, that re-imagines discarded materials to “form a living landscape that reminds us of our most playful days”.

“Remember how the couch cushions were like mountains to climb? How creaking floorboards seemed to come alive? What the relief of cool tiles felt like or the tickling grass between garden stones?” Sarah says. “Just like memories, the sections melt together and the lines between fact and fiction start to blur.”

The rug (which can be purchased for a pretty penny) is made from an array of materials like wool, vinyl, ceramic tile, rubber, laminate wood, linoleum, and foam. To create the piece, Sarah hand-tufted more than 20 different panels and stitched them together. She also used crafty techniques like sculpting, rug hooking and rubber casting to give the rug its unique look. To see more of Sarah’s rad projects, have a squiz at her website and Instagram.