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scribble club: june edition


Welcome to frankie’s Scribble Club! Each month, we’ll share a different written prompt, along with reader-submitted artwork, to help get your creative juices flowing.

Greetings, arty pals! We’ve been catching ourselves daydreaming a whole lot as of late (perhaps that’s thanks to all your creative submissions), and it’s got us thinking about all the weird and wonderful stuff our sleepy brains can create. That’s why we’re challenging you to show us your dreams for this month’s edition of Scribble Club. Whether it’s a strange fantasy world that you've dreamt up in the early hours of the morning, a goosebump-inducing nightmare, or the scenarios you imagine while you’re zoned out at your work desk, we’d love to see it!

Before you leave to get scribbling, check out these mighty good submissions from last month’s theme, ‘dessert’. Your skills always wow us, but this time they’re making us rather peckish, too.

As always, if you feel like sharing your creations, email us your work over here, or tag us on Instagram @frankiemagazine and add the hashtag #scribbleclub.