the art of cake

9:00am Wednesday, 18 Mar.

Alice Oehr is so obsessed with cake, she wrote and illustrated a whole book dedicated to the dessert.

gingerbread layer cake

9:00am Friday, 20 Dec.

Stuck for a festive cake to bring to the party? Give this gingerbread delight a go.

kat sabbath's glamington recipe

9:00am Saturday, 02 Nov.

Learn how to make this zhuzhed-up version of a tuckshop classic. 

Now that spring has just about sprung, it’s time to celebrate with a sweet and airy cake.

peanut butter and banana layer cake

9:00am Saturday, 18 May.

Like banana bread, but better.

blood orange upside down cake

9:00am Saturday, 09 Mar.

Ooh yes, a cake that tastes as good as it looks.

sugar, how'd you get so fly

3:00pm Monday, 25 Feb.

Some motivational baked goods to turn that frown upside down.

tiramisu and tim tam layer cake

9:00am Saturday, 09 Feb.

Two iconic treats, one scrummy as heck cake.

This cake joins coffee and banana in a blessed union of happiness.

fresh mint olive oil cake

9:00am Saturday, 18 Aug.

The addition of labneh, honey and crumbly pistachios makes this recipe truly mouth-watering.

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