throwback thursday - jamie green

9:00am Thursday, 03 Apr.

Philanthropist-slash-PJ designer Jamie Green found a way to turn a tough time in his life into a project that would lend others a hand (and make our beds look pretty spiffy in the process).

It hasn't been an awfully long time since Alex Kovac graced the pages of issue 54, but a lot's been happening for the creatively-inclined lass over the past few months.

throwback thursday - gemma o'brien

9:00am Thursday, 10 Oct.

Time sure does fly when you're busy writing about all the fab folk out there, and it's been two years (or 14 magazine years) since we first had a chat with designer Gemma O'Brien.

Way back in issue 36 we met Anna Brownfield, a filmmaker from Melbourne who seemed to embody the concept of DIY.

Back in issue 50 we introduced you to Katrina and Tim Myers, a farming couple living near the tippy top of Victoria who produce a green and delicious crop known as Barham Avocados.

throwback thursday - mat gallois

9:00am Thursday, 02 May.

Though the 1 House = 1000 Homes project is no longer underway, for Mat, the urge to drag us out of our comfortable bubbles and expose inequity in today's society still very much exists.

When we interviewed social entrepreneur Simon Griffiths back in issue 40, he told us about a bar he was starting where the profits would go back to third-world communities. It's called Shebeen, and it's now calling you to drink for charity.

One of frankie magazine's top photographers Carine Thevenau is having her first solo exhibition next week, based around the gritty stories behind Scandinavian folklore.

Wanna get inked in a candy pink trailer park? We featured Trailer Trash tattoo all the way back in issue 25, and we have a wee update for you all.

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