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throwback thursday - trailer trash tattoo

throwback thursday - trailer trash tattoo


Wanna get inked in a candy pink trailer park? We featured Trailer Trash tattoo all the way back in issue 25, and we have a wee update for you all.

New Year's Eve is just around the corner which means we're thinking about all the things we want to do next year, but also the things we're regretting doing a tad too much of this year. And for most folk, tattoos fit into both of those territories.

We featured Mimsy Gleeson and her old-school inking business Trailer Trash Tattoo all the way back in issue 25 in 2008 when she was turning ladies' arms into pin-up girl artworks out of a trailer in her backyard in Brisbane.

Over four years later, things are a little different. Here's Mimsy herself giving us a wee update:

"We have expanded from the one little pink lolly caravan and now have three vintage cuties on display in our own indoor trailer park. It is a visual feast complete with (of course) astro turf, '50s lawnmowers, a tiki bar and so much more. And it's all housed in a hangar at Archerfield Airport Brisbane. I have gone from a little home-based business to employing five tattoo artists who all share a love of vintage style. Come and take a tour of the trailer park and we promise it will not disappoint!"

Here are a few pics of how far Mims has come featuring both colour-sapped decor and colour-saturated tattoos. If you're keen to book in for a good decision in 2013, just head here.