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throwback thursday - carine thevenau's photography

throwback thursday - carine thevenau's photography


One of frankie magazine's top photographers Carine Thevenau is having her first solo exhibition next week, based around the gritty stories behind Scandinavian folklore.

Full disclosure: we might be a little biased on this one. And by a little biased, we mean totally, utterly, one hundred per cent swayed, because Carine Thevenau is one of frankie magazine's main photographers and needless to say we think she's pretty brilliant.

Her debut solo exhibition is about to open and is called "Return To Huldra's Wood". It's a visual exploration of Scandinavian folklore, which if you've read anything by Hans Christian Andersen- and we mean the non-Disney gentrified versions - can be pretty gritty.

It opens on Valentine's Day (which is next week on Thursday 14th, if you don't have a partner bugging you about it already) at Edmund Pearce Gallery in Melbourne and will run til mid-March.

More details on the exhibition here, or visit Carine's website for a catalogue of work here.