afternoon tea treat: rocky road

9:00am Wednesday, 06 Apr.

Just a reminder that our early offerings, like the ever-so scrummy Afternoon Tea cookbook, are available in digital form.

A veritable smorgasbord of fruity yumminess that you can whip up yourself. Yes please.

fortune cookie diy

9:00am Wednesday, 30 Mar.

We’ve always quite liked the idea of creating our own fortunes, and slathering them in chocolate and sesame seeds sounds even better again.

"thai" lime tart

9:00am Saturday, 02 Apr.

Basil, coconut and peanut butter, oh my.

croatian easter bread dolls

9:00am Saturday, 19 Mar.

Eastern Europe does Easter a bit differently (but perhaps more adorably) than us, if these Croatian Easter bread dolls are anything to go by.

wit and vinegar

9:00am Monday, 14 Mar.

We don’t see what’s so nonsensical about drool-inducing recipes on a sliding spectrum from salty to sweet.

russian doll macarons

9:00am Saturday, 26 Mar.

The mini madams can be added to any old cake, or nibbled on their own for a pint-sized sweet treat.

lemon sunshine cake

9:00am Saturday, 12 Mar.

Even if the sun is fading away outside, at least you know you can still have it sitting on your kitchen bench.

raspberry curd

9:00am Saturday, 05 Mar.

Now we know why Little Miss Muffet was so passionate about her curds and whey.

banana cinnamon mini rolls

9:00am Saturday, 27 Feb.

Cinnamon rolls are like heavenly, sweet, sticky snails, if snails were fluffy as cumulus clouds and best eaten warm, fresh out of the oven.

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