true love

3:00pm Wednesday, 29 Jan.

Take note, chums, this embroidery hoop speaks the truth.

Lily Adelaide Upton's DIY kits are a rad way to start embroidering.

How to transform a lovely bit of stitching into a patch. 

bette davis eyes

9:00am Friday, 27 Sep.

We've got all eyes on Frances Goodman’s embroidered works.

blooming day embroidery

9:00am Monday, 09 Sep.

History’s most famous paintings, stitched up into little brooches.

Keep your pin collection tidy using this space-themed embroidery hoop.

embroidery tattoos

9:00am Tuesday, 14 May.

When craft and body art get together.

put an alpaca on it

9:00am Thursday, 11 Apr.

This Berlin embroidery whiz will show you how to stitch a woolly pal onto just about anything.

straight-talking stitches

9:00am Sunday, 27 Jan.

A crafty project that isn't afraid to tell it like it is.

all tied up

9:00am Friday, 07 Dec.

Francesca Cramer pretties up paper postcards with French knots.

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