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ciara leroy's emotional embroidery


Ciara LeRoy’s embroidery work makes you sit up and pay attention. Her bold lettering and vibrant colour palette draw you in first, but it’s her pithy phrases that make you pause (and hopefully reflect on your emotional wellbeing).

Ciara is based in the US, and started her business Pretty Strange Design in 2017. Whether she’s stitching words together, painting murals or illustrating, her mission is to make well-crafted, eye-pleasing work that's also thoughtful and socially conscious.

We dig the fact that her embroidery hoops, while both comforting and empowering in their messages, never shy away from giving you the hard truths. As one of her hoops state, “Everything isn’t about you”. A good reminder for when we're too in our heads, we think. See more from Ciara on Instagram or purchase her patterns over here.