jane denton textile art

9:00am Wednesday, 16 Oct.

One day a nought met a cross, they fell madly in linear love, and had lots of little geometric babies. This is their story.

happy red fish

3:00pm Tuesday, 08 Oct.

"Love paper, love thread and adore the combination." Eight words we couldn't agree with more.

You might think you're handy with a needle and thread, but while you're proudly stitching on a shirt's worth of buttons (good job!), Stephanie Kelly Clark is going one giant step further.

etsy success: cat rabbit

3:00pm Thursday, 22 Aug.

Somewhere in between all the sewing, stuffing, exhibiting and making a children's book, Melbourne-based textile artist Cat Rabbit finds time to manage a kick ass Etsy store.

Chilean Maria Aparicio Puentes has turned the idea of embroidery all topsy-turvy, adding striking geometric stitching to black and white photography.

Originally hailing from Estonia's creative capital, Tallinn, Evelin Kasikov is a London-residing crafty artist who uses needle and thread as her main medium. We had a chat to her about her practice, motivations and avant garde design.

embroidered desk accessories diys

3:00pm Thursday, 10 Jan.

High up on our crafting priority list are these three things: easy, quick and useful. A DIY triple threat, if you will. The fact that this tutorial for embroidered desk accessories from Lisa Tilse at The Red Thread also makes it a quadruple threat?

kitschy embroidery patterns

3:00pm Saturday, 22 Dec.

Now that you have a moment to breathe and your fingers are nice and nimble from present wrapping, it might be time to get into some holiday craftiness. Kitschy Digitals is an online hub of all things stitchtastic, and the best part is everything is downloadable, so you don't have to wait by the post box.

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