michelle kingdom embroideries

9:00am Thursday, 25 Feb.

Never been handy with a needle and thread? Live vicariously through these incredibly intricate embroideries from Michelle Kingdom.

yumi okita's embroidered moths

3:00pm Saturday, 06 Feb.

We've got an eye on you, you lovely patterned, flying things.

Tennis was never our forte at school or beyond, but like many former pursuits, we still have the paraphernalia to prove we once tried.

artist interview - hagar cygler

3:00pm Saturday, 12 Dec.

Aside from having one of the coolest names going round, Hagar Cygler is a bit of a whiz with an embroidery needle and thread.

famous friends embroidery

9:00am Sunday, 26 Jul.

We're a wee bit infatuated with the rad bits and bobs from Lyon-based seamstress Patricia Larocque.

Some very big oohs and aahs escaped our mouths when we stumbled upon these zoetropes by Canberra designer Elliot Shultz.

emilie ferris embroidery

3:00pm Thursday, 09 Jul.

Emilie Ferris's needlework is some of the loveliest, most detailed we've ever had the pleasure of laying our eyes on.

If the jury's still out about whether embroidery makes everything better, Coral and Tusk are here to close the case.

artist interview - clare sams

4:00pm Saturday, 21 Feb.

If you find yourself on Clare Sams' website looking for traditional knitting and embroidery, you'll wind up sorely disappointed.

baobap handmade

3:00pm Thursday, 31 Oct.

There's being handy enough with a needle and thread to reattach a fallen button, and then there's Baobap Handmade.

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