fleur lyon

3:00pm Thursday, 08 Sep.

This Western Australian lass stitches botanical designs on wee handcrafted frames, ideal for popping on your wall or sticking wherever you please.

yumiko higuchi’s embroidery

3:00pm Friday, 26 Aug.

Take a squiz at some embroidered art of the prettiest kind.

cat rabbit exhibition

9:00am Thursday, 28 Jul.

Cat Rabbit’s latest exhibition, Kept in Mind, is all about stitched-up memories.

amy joy watson’s stitched-up art

3:00pm Saturday, 16 Jul.

Some hand-stitched eye candy of the prettiest kind.

thread honey

3:00pm Thursday, 07 Jul.

Embroidery and nostalgia – the perfect mix.

We’re oozing with enthusiasm for these intricate embroidered rugs.

senorita lylo embroidered collars

9:00am Thursday, 21 Apr.

“Coveting intensely” is the best way to describe the way we feel about these embroidered collars.

emma mattson's moss embroidery

3:00pm Friday, 08 Apr.

Moss: more understated than a patch of flowers, but just as striking and even more lovely to roll around in.

abigail halpin's illustrations

3:00pm Friday, 01 Apr.

Abigail Halpin's illustrations are so far up our alley that they’re practically sitting on our back doorstep.

mochi's embroidered clothing

9:00am Friday, 01 Apr.

We highly suggest ogling Mochi’s range of beautifully embroidered garments.

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