sew yummy

9:00am Friday, 21 Jun.

This Cali-based cake artist combines Mexican-style embroidery with desserts.

pear and chocolate loaf cake

9:00am Saturday, 15 Jun.

Simple, gooey and rich with chocolate – pearfecto.

mint choc-chip marshmallows

9:00am Saturday, 08 Jun.

Plonk a few of these homemade delights into your hot chocolate.

chocolate with a conscience

3:00pm Monday, 03 Jun. by lisa marie corso, photography by heather lighton

Hey Tiger’s Cyan Ta’eed uses chocolate to support communities in West Africa.

rosemary parmesan shortbread

9:00am Saturday, 01 Jun.

Ooh, have you ever seen a savoury biscuit look so elegant?

rainbow bread

3:00pm Saturday, 25 May.

No more Wonder White.

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