diy finger knit rope trivet

9:00am Thursday, 09 Jun.

All you need to make this nifty trivet is nine metres of cord and your own trusty fingers.

diy disco ball helmet

9:00am Tuesday, 31 May.

Behold, crafty types: an easy project for easy riders.

diy vintage ice cream van

9:00am Thursday, 26 May.

A teeny-tiny craft project, sure to sweeten your day.

Learn how to stitch leather – flawlessly.

diy pencil clutch purse

9:00am Thursday, 18 Apr.

Pencil in a little time for this super-easy DIY.

diy letter vases

3:00pm Friday, 13 May.

Say it with flowers. Literally.

get fancy: the faux bob

3:00pm Sunday, 24 Apr.

Are you dreaming of a complete hairstyle change? Give this sneaky trick a whirl before you lop off your lovely long locks.

We have some fun news, frankie fellows! And we think you might be as tickled pink as we are to hear all about it.

woven landscapes

9:00am Sunday, 24 Apr.

There’s something very peaceful about landscapes of floaty mountains and clouds – and even moreso when they’ve been gently woven from textiles you can softly stroke.

diy paper plant

9:00am Monday, 02 May.

Because real-life plants can be hard work. 

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