frankie's summer movie guide

9:00am Saturday, 26 Jan.

Summer is nearly over! Oh no! (Or, "Oh yay!" if you are pasty and sun-phobic like me). With the excitement of Boxing Day movies now but a distant memory, it's time to see what the last days of summer have left to offer (and have a quick peek at autumn too).

Remember that great little film that came out a few years ago, 2 Days In Paris? Well its big sister 2 Days In New York just arrived, popped the whole family on a plane to Manhattan and is basically here to cause a ruckus.

wes anderson colour palette

9:00am Friday, 03 Aug.

Who's up for Bill Murray Beanie Red or Royal Tenenbaum Blue?

my week with marilyn giveaway

8:00am Friday, 22 Jun.

Oh Marilyn, how we adore thee. We have five copies of My Week With Marilyn on DVD to give away to a few eyelash-fluttering readers.


9:00am Wednesday, 04 Jan.

Oh yes. If you're like us and can get a little restless during a mammoth movie session, then Flickerfest, Bondi's short film festival, may be for you.

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