grace wilson’s neighbourhood grumps

9:00am Wednesday, 15 Jan.

We can’t stop looking at the artist’s sour-faced characters.

glenn barkley ceramics

3:00pm Wednesday, 08 Jan.

The Sydney artist is shaking up the ceramics scene with his wonky pieces in pastel colours.

a rather splendid toothbrush holder

9:00am Thursday, 02 Jan.

Everyone needs a toothbrush holder (despite what your housemate with deeply questionable hygiene standards might say). So why not choose a spiffy ceramic number?

A vase for those who appreciate metal and sweet-smelling blooms.

ceramic chums

9:00am Tuesday, 17 Dec.

We’ve never felt so connected to a moulded, glazed hunk of clay before.

the kombi planter

3:00pm Wednesday, 27 Nov.

Plonk your greenery in a novel new home.

sadshrimps ceramics

3:00pm Monday, 11 Nov.

Peep this cheery collection of vases, cups and dog bowls.

canine ceramics

3:00pm Thursday, 24 Oct.

Who can say no to a bit of pooch-shaped crockery?

one happy planter

9:00am Tuesday, 24 Sep.

Need a cheery chum to hold your plant?

candle in a house

9:00am Sunday, 15 Sep.

House your tealight candles in these eye-pleasing ceramic abodes. 

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