Vive la France! Vive le cinéma! Vive Brigitte Bardot!

Some films that remind us of how powerful, wonderful and entertaining dancing can be – even when it’s terrible.

If you’re feeling under the weather, why not boil the kettle, grab a blanket and watch some movies from the warmth of your snug, self-pitying cocoon?

maggie’s plan ticket giveaway

9:00am Wednesday, 06 Jul.

Reasons to nab some tickets to this film: great costumes, big laughs, plus Bill Hader and Greta Gerwig.

If you’re looking for some very terrible advice about the monies and the savings, then we’ve got plenty.

Hello, friend. Are you studying right now? ME NEITHER.

There are really only two kinds of housemates: the good, or the very bad.

films organised neatly

3:00pm Sunday, 17 Apr.

Neat freak cinemaphiles, rejoice! Manchester photographer Jordan Bolton has created something sure to appeal to your inner super-organised self.

Do you ever feel like nostalgically binge-watching a big chunk of your high school reading list?

Behold, an entirely edible model of the Shining’s Overlook Hotel – complete with carpet, wallpaper and two terrifying twins in the hallway.

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