Get sorted for 2018 with frankie’s super-lovely diary and calendar – wahoo!

Picking up a short story collection with a few different, digestible bits of lit is a great way to get into the swing of reading.

Remember the ’90s with these hand-embroidered book covers.

Delicious booze recipes inspired by great lady authors? Bottoms up, we say!

If tales of sporting greatness in the ’70s aren’t your cup of tea, then perhaps you’d like to give these life stories a go.

Here are some books that might inspire you to travel (or at least scratch the itch until you can).

of cats and men book

10:00am Monday, 12 Jun.

This illustrated tome profiles fellas who love felines, from Andy Warhol to Winston Churchill.

If making cakes that look like critters, castles and pirates are your thing, you may want to enter this here giveaway.

Finding constructive ways to soothe your anger is important for your mental health, and nothing soothes like a damn good book.

Fancy catching up with the Looking for Alibrandi author? (Oh, and by the way, she gave us the low-down on her Tomato Day sauce.)

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