Take a tour of this sweet-as mid-century home in Geelong, Victoria. 

Artist Anna Hoyle has some handy hints for decking out your house.

A warm and welcoming home along the coast.

We drop by for a chat with the good people at Common Good Studio in Perth.

This isn't an ordinary suburban home. Nope, this Mediterranean mansion is a living, breathing gallery for all things retro and vintage.

The young couple found their dream property in the bush. Luckily, their nearest and dearest were happy to jump on board.

Holly McCauley and Nich Zalmstra serve up some tips for living and working through DIY renos.

spaces volume five – sretsis

3:00pm Monday, 25 Mar.

Pim Sukhahuta, designer and founder of the fashion label Sretsis, lives out her Alice in Wonderland fantasies every day.

spaces volume five is on sale

9:00am Tuesday, 12 Mar.

Clear your coffee table, we've got a hefty new book of interiors inspiration.

A big hunk of interiors inspiration – hot off the press!

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