isn't that niffty?

4:00pm Thursday, 10 Nov.

Instead of just having your everyday fashion runway, Northcote Independent Fashion Festival (NIFFTY) will displaying their fair Melbourne suburb's wares via live gigs.

suitcase royale

1:00pm Wednesday, 09 Nov.

We have a little chat with Jof from 'junkyard theatre' purveyors The Suitcase Royale as he limbers up for Harvest Festival.

tunesday - she & him

1:00pm Tuesday, 08 Nov.

We think we'd much prefer to be listening to this duo's Christmas album than our broken fairy lights playing the first four bars of 'Away In A Manger' on repeat.

tunesday - lester the fierce

1:00pm Tuesday, 01 Nov.

This is a perfect record for these mid-spring days, watching raindrops race each other down window panes while contemplating what next year will bring.

in need of a first aid kit

12:00pm Friday, 28 Oct.

These sisters will fix any ailment with their soothing folk harmonies - perhaps that's why they call themselves First Aid Kit.


9:00am Friday, 28 Oct.

Technology geniuses Aiaiai make awesome gear and to hip hip-hooray about it, we have five sets of headphones to giveaway.

mads tegler

8:00am Wednesday, 17 Aug.

Quick! Bon Iver is shirtless!

an interview with an axolotl

1:00pm Thursday, 20 Oct.

A quick little chat with...Ella Thompson of Axolotl.

tunesday - matt corby

9:00am Tuesday, 25 Oct.

Guitar in hand, Matt and his unruly locks will be playing some sneaky-peak shows this November to celebrate the launch of his new EP, Into the Flame.

greedy hen

3:00pm Thursday, 01 Sep.

Katherine Brickman and Kate Mitchell are the masterminds behind the frankie-favourite artist collective Greedy Hen.

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