golden plains competition closing

9:00am Thursday, 02 Feb.

Camping at festivals can be so 'meh': dealing with dirty clothes, wet socks and a packet of corn thins that is now somehow crumbled at the end of your sleeping bag. Well, not anymore.

Guess what? You and five of your friends could be having afternoon tea with the First Aid Kit sisters!

tunesday - portugal. the man

9:00am Tuesday, 24 Jan.

We hand over full-heart ownership to these boys and their jangly guitars and hyper-coloured lyrics.

tunesday - steve smyth

9:00am Tuesday, 17 Jan.

Sometimes we come across something pretty speical - someone that we have never heard of before that, after only a few listens, makes us want to drive to their doorstep, get down on one knee and make them ours forever.

matisse up late

9:00am Wednesday, 18 Jan.

Holy macaroni, Gallery of Modern Art, you sure are growing into one of Australia's finest art galleries.

tunesday - whitest boy alive

9:00am Tuesday, 10 Jan.

We've just finished polishing our dancing shoes in preparation for The Whitest Boy Alive coming back to Australian shores later this month.

high notes and high tea

9:00am Friday, 06 Jan.

We thought we'd like to learn how to hold a tune this year. And looky what we found: a class that incorporates both singing lessons and tea drinking. Awesome.

tunesday - sui zhen

9:00am Tuesday, 03 Jan.

People who are just so darn multi-talented irk us, but actually amaze us, because we want to be them. Take Sui Zhen for an example.

tunesday - the dresden dolls

9:00am Tuesday, 27 Dec.

Didn't get what you wanted in your Christmas stocking? Well here's something that we know you'll like: The Dresden Dolls are coming back to Australia next week!

polyester records

9:00am Thursday, 22 Dec.

If someone filmed a sequel to Empire Records in Australia, it would be set in Polyester Records.

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