We had a little chat with singer Tara Lynch of soul-sister-slayers, The Transatlantics. These three Adeladies (see what we did there?) and their large band of merry men have injected some well-needed groove into our lives and are coming to a town near you soon.

Hold your breath, count to ten, and breathe out again. We're super thrilled to bring you a little excerpt from a chat we had with none other than Antony Hegarty, lead singer of Antony & The Johnsons.

Some of the best things in life come in twos: shoes, Kit Kats and Swedish sisters First Aid Kit, for an example.

tunesday - the paper kites

3:00pm Tuesday, 25 Sep.

The Paper Kites create music for those days when the only way to get the weight of the world off your shoulders is to dance it off.

If we had to choose a band to connect us with alien life and have a party, Animal Collective's new album Centipede Hz would be on the top of our play list.

tunesday - davy simony

9:00am Tuesday, 11 Sep.

The salty sea air and barefooted barbecues in far-north Queensland have imbued Davy's gentle guitar manner on his debut EP, Discover.

so frenchy so chic

9:00am Wednesday, 05 Sep.

The French know how to do things right. Appreciating obscure architecture? Check. Chortling laughter? Check. Audrey Tautou and Edith Piaf? Check. Butter on everything? Check.

tunesday - good heavens

9:00am Tuesday, 04 Sep.

'Good heavens!' might sound like an exclamation that your grandmother would mutter, but Sydney band Good Heavens is another utterance all together.

tunesday - second hand heart

3:00pm Tuesday, 28 Aug.

There's that special something we seem to perpetually yearn for in the music of yesteryear. Melbourne quintet Second Hand Heart take this nostalgia and combine it with the modern, trinkety jangle of op-shop finds.

tunesday - the beautiful girls

9:00am Tuesday, 07 Aug.

After a decade, The Beautiful Girls are coming to an end. When we close our eyes and hear the tinkle of "La Mar" in the background, we can almost feel the salty wind dance around our faces and the sand between our toes.

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