tunesday - good heavens

9:00am Tuesday, 04 Sep.

'Good heavens!' might sound like an exclamation that your grandmother would mutter, but Sydney band Good Heavens is another utterance all together.

tunesday - second hand heart

3:00pm Tuesday, 28 Aug.

There's that special something we seem to perpetually yearn for in the music of yesteryear. Melbourne quintet Second Hand Heart take this nostalgia and combine it with the modern, trinkety jangle of op-shop finds.

tunesday - the beautiful girls

9:00am Tuesday, 07 Aug.

After a decade, The Beautiful Girls are coming to an end. When we close our eyes and hear the tinkle of "La Mar" in the background, we can almost feel the salty wind dance around our faces and the sand between our toes.

tunesday - a is for alpine

9:00am Tuesday, 14 Aug.

Not only does Melbourne band Alpine rock our little cotton socks off with their debut album, but they also can teach us the musical alphabet.

splendid splendour review

3:00pm Wednesday, 01 Aug.

The Slip 'n' Slide of mud at this year's Splendour In The Grass created an alternate reality where it was normal to swing dance with a unicorn.

setting up splendour

3:00pm Thursday, 26 Jul.

The winner of issue 47's spiffy subscription prize, Nic Carah, has spent the past few days helping build Splendour. If you want a sneak peek of what's expected for the weekend, have a gander. Oh, and bring your wellies.

tunesday - the falls

9:00am Tuesday, 31 Jul.

They've fallen in love, they've broken up, they've made some pretty tunes.

tunesday - patrick wolf

9:00am Tuesday, 24 Jul.

We're howling a yes of approval for Patrick Wolf's new album, Lupercalia.

tunesday - dirt farmer

8:00am Tuesday, 21 Aug.

Every town has one musical troupe that everyone seems to know a member of. In Melbourne, Dirt Farmer is that band.

tunesday - elephant eyes

9:00am Tuesday, 17 Jul.

Folk music can be like candy apples. They both have a bright, glossy sheen on the outside that makes you want to sink your teeth into its sweetness. But on the underside, you find something quite different - the tart, unexpectedly delicious tang of a saccharine facade.

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