We're debuting the delightful Sui Zhen's fresh tune with Fresh Prince visuals right here, right now. Get a'clickin.

If you're partial to a little fingerpicked guitar then you might be interested to know Julia Stone is selling a whole heap of her handpicked vintage dresses next weekend just outside of Byron Bay.

tunesday - jack carty

3:00pm Tuesday, 27 Nov.

Focusing on simple storytelling and acoustic guitars, Jack Carty's tunes represent mid-afternoon music just the way we like it. Plus, what a quiff.

alpine residency at la casa

9:00am Friday, 23 Nov.

Ahead of their ARIA Award nomination tonight, we had a chat to Alpine from the colour-sapped beachy retreat that is La Casa in Byron Bay.

Part two in our series of backstage interviews at Harvest Festival: equally full of bravado and banjo, this is New Jersey's River City Extension.

harvest interview: dark dark dark

3:00pm Wednesday, 14 Nov.

We had a little chat with American folksters Dark Dark Dark in front of a backstage polo match at the splendiferously serene Harvest Festival.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy. Harvest Festival is about to enter its Fortnight of Awesomeness and we're pretty chuffed to be heading along to give you a little snapshot of all the behind-the-scenes frivolity. Here's a little teaser interview with Sigur Ros to wet your whistles.

We're super chuffed to announce we're supporting Bat For Lashes' sideshows next year - huzzah! Although we won't literally be up on stage with Natasha Khan (our singing voices are meant only for the shower), we're quite excited about being involved.

tunesday - cameras cover kate bush

3:00pm Tuesday, 30 Oct.

Covers are hard to pull off. Especially when you're tackling the wonderful Ms. Bush. But as Sydney band Cameras show, sometimes a new take makes you realise things you never knew before (and/or make you cry).

tunesday - the good china

3:00pm Tuesday, 23 Oct.

Unlike the shonky crockery sets you may have tinkling around, The Good China are a band you want to display loud and proud on your dining table. As there are eight of them, you may want to make sure that table is reinforced though, otherwise you'll wind up with The Broken China.

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