We asked the talented Sharon Van Etten a few questions about shacking up at La Casa in Byron Bay.

my dad was in a band

3:00pm Thursday, 04 Jul.

Further proof that fathers rock. And sometimes wore very, very tight pants.

tunesday - seja

9:00am Tuesday, 02 Jul.

Seja's love for synthesisers goes way beyond enjoying a tinkle of keys and a twiddle of knobs.

splendour in the craft

3:00pm Thursday, 27 Jun.

Music festivals are a time to find your new favourite band, wear an animal-themed onesie completely shame-free, and get your grubby hands stuck into some arts and craft.

When Tully on Tully's single "Stay" landed in our mailbox, we knew we'd stumbled across something special. Lenko clearly saw they were a bit of alright as well.

A merry Tunesday to you, frankie friends! We have a wee exclusive for you this morn, direct from the Gold Coast hinterland and sunny shores of Byron Bay.

tunesday - mr little jeans

9:00am Tuesday, 09 Jul.

It's a wee bit ironic that Monica Birkenes has chosen Mr Little Jeans as her musical moniker, when we have a sneaking suspicion that she was a tail-sporting mermaid in her past life.

tunesday - the milk carton kids

9:00am Tuesday, 11 Jun.

The best cure for long weekend withdrawals is some soothing tunes to ease you into the working week, so we're writing you a prescription for a hefty dose of The Milk Carton Kids.

Feeling nostalgic for the sunshine-filled days of summer and all those action-packed music festivals that go with it? Allow us to take you on a casual mosey down memory lane.

The duo rocked our shores for the very first time in April, and loved you all so darn much that they're heading back in July to do it all again.

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