the invisible women

9:00am Tuesday, 13 Aug.

A beauty project about rad dos and bad-arse older ladies.

get fancy: victory roll tutorial

3:00pm Wednesday, 07 Feb.

Ever wanted to have a go at this iconic hairstyle? It’s actually much easier than you might think.

get fancy: french roll

12:00pm Friday, 01 Dec.

We show you how to keep errant tresses in place (and look swanky as all get out) with this classic do.

We show you how to transform yourself into a Roy Lichtenstein-esque character, the Queen of the Sea and zombie Kate Bush  step by ghoulish step.

get fancy: ’70s make-up tutorial

10:00am Sunday, 01 Oct.

We’ve got a brand new make-up tutorial, folks – and it’s pretty damn foxy.

how to style a bandana

4:00pm Thursday, 24 Aug.

Discover the many ways to make a bandana look ban-tastic.

her royal hair-ness

4:00pm Saturday, 12 Aug.

Meet the Côte d’Ivoire artist who sculpts her hair into pretty much everything.

diy brass circle hair clasp

10:00am Friday, 26 May.

Hold back your flowing locks with a homemade hair clasp.

sheena liam embroidery

4:00pm Wednesday, 17 May.

Behold, the hoop art of your dreams (assuming your dreams involve amazing hair).

Lasses of Melbourne: if you ever wanted to learn how to scrub up like a ’40s siren, this may very well be the class for you.

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