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check out these two-tone hairstyles from the ’50s


Bright pink and green tresses might seem like a uniquely modern look, but if these videos from the British Pathé show us anything, it’s that ladies have been experimenting with bold colours since the ’50s. Streaks of contrasting locks (a precursor to today’s e-girl trend, perhaps) are captured in a 1955 film where we see a glamorous actress gluing bright hairpieces to her soft bob. Dubbed ‘chameleon streaks’, the style took off by accident when a trendsetting female assistant wore Gregory Peck’s specially made white streaks (for the movie Moby Dick) to a dance.

And if that wasn’t rad enough, you can also spot magnificent two-tone hairdos in a video from 1956. In it, the famous hairstylist Raymond Bessone shows off his pastel pink, silver and seafoam-green creations. Not to be trumped, another forward-thinking hairstylist came up with a spray-painted stencil hairstyle a year later! You can say a lot about quaint fifties fashion, but you certainly can't call it boring. (Hats off to Messy Nessy Chic for unearthing these gems.)