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get fancy: victory roll tutorial

get fancy: victory roll tutorial


Ever wanted to have a go at this iconic hairstyle? It’s actually much easier than you might think.

If you flip through issue 82 of frankie, you might spy our epic history of women’s hairstyles article, which naturally mentions Victory Rolls. Apparently, this iconic post-war look was named after the loops fighter pilots would do in the sky following victory in battle! Should you wish to have a go at turning your follicles into a salute to the sky, have a squiz at our step-by-step tutorial below.


tail comb
smoothing/teasing brush
bobby pins
texture dust (optional)


1. Section your hair. We chose to do a side part to have one small and one large roll. You could also part it down the middle for symmetrical rolls.

2. Tease your first section of hair; this is done to create a solid foundation for the roll (so there are no gaps) and to create more volume. Tip: use texture dust for a bit of extra grit.

3. Wrap the ends of the hair around two fingers; this will form the base of your roll.

4. Continue to wrap the rest of the hair around your fingers until you form a spiral loop.

5. Maintaining tension, gently pull the spiral loop down toward the scalp. Position as desired.

6. Secure with bobby pins.

7. Repeat steps 3 to 6. Note: This roll hasn’t been teased (showing you can still achieve rolls without teasing your hair).

8. Smooth any flyaways with a comb and finish the style off with some hairspray. The remaining hair at the back can be curled, or put up into a bun, French roll, or even a ponytail for a more modern look.

Make-up and tutorial by Dana Leviston. Hair and words by The Distinctive Dame. Snaps by Estelle Druskovich. Model: Elise Louise. Shot on location in and around The Golden Poodle.