Do you hear that tinkling tune and those joyful squeals? It's the sound of the Finders Keepers circus rolling back into Brisbane, and we can't wait to jump back on for the ride. Huzzah!

Creative people know how to make things visually excellent, or how to make a bunch of notes and words come together to make our eyes well with tears, and we just want to know: how do they do it?

floriade nightfest giveaway

9:00am Thursday, 12 Sep.

Canberrans sure know how to celebrate the arrival of spring: by transforming the city into an epic flower nursery, heaving with colour, blossoms and the scent of one million blooms

one fine day wedding fair giveaway

9:00am Wednesday, 11 Sep.

Just because you've locked in a date to say 'I do', doesn't mean you should be resigned to a day of pouffy fabric, organza chair covers and chicken-or-beef alternating meals.

so frenchy so chic in the park

3:00pm Monday, 09 Sep.

The most sophisticated day of summer (AKA the day we can shovel baguettes, macarons and champers in our gobs, all in the name of culture) is upon us once more.

commune at craft cubed

9:00am Thursday, 22 Aug.

Looking awesome doesn't feel so good when your duds are causing damage to the environment, so we're counting our lucky stars that events like this one exist.

kisses for coffee

9:00am Sunday, 09 Jun.

Would you peck your pal for your next cup o' joe? We know that the French are an amorous breed, but we're still rather tickled by this promotion from Sydney café Metro St James.

finders keepers returns to sydney

9:00am Thursday, 30 May.

Sydneysiders, there's no time for penny-pinching when the winter Finders Keepers is in your neck of the woods this weekend!

love vintage fair melbourne

3:00pm Tuesday, 14 May.

The mother of vintage markets is back in Melbourne this weekend, with oodles of Australia's best vintage dealers gathered under one beautifully decorated domed roof.

atp release the bats

9:00am Wednesday, 20 Mar.

Release the Bats is a special Halloween-themed event from ATP that'll make you quake in your vampiric boots.

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