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a chinwag with artists kate pullen and louise brough from locker room talk
Louise Brough and Kate Pullen from Locker Room Talk. Snap by Shannyn Higgins

a chinwag with artists kate pullen and louise brough from locker room talk


A rad exhibition is just around the corner, and we have tickets up for grabs!

Have you heard? Local artists Kate Pullen and Louise Brough are putting on an excellent art show in August, and frankie's presenting the whole shebang! It's called Locker Room Talk, features over 30 talented artists and involves two nights of honest chats (subjects include, but are not limited to: art; the creative industries; and sex and intimacy, because we all have love on the brain). Festivities kick off in Melbourne and online very soon, so we thought we'd have a chinwag with Kate and Lou to hear more. (Psst! We're also giving away double passes to events. More details at the bottom of the page.)Hello! How did Locker Room Talk come about? Kate Pullen: A mutual friend suggested Lou and I get in touch a couple of years ago. Lou was pulling together her first group charity exhibition, and I had done something similar a couple of years earlier, so we chatted over dumplings. Fast forward to 2020 and I reached out to Lou with a rough idea for a new show (Locker Room Talk). And now here we are!

This process began back in 2020 (*shudders*), but it wasn’t COVID that derailed our initial plans. I went through a really rough patch with my anxiety and in the end, I decided I had no choice but to tell Lou I wasn’t able to commit, even though I’d asked her to join me to begin with. I felt like shit, but of course Lou was incredibly supportive, understanding and patient as we picked up the baton again in 2021. A significant part of Locker Room Talk is about open and honest conversations, so I think it’s important to be upfront stuff behind the scenes, too.

Louise Brough: I get a real kick out of creating fun environments where we can talk about serious things in a fun and positive way. When Kate proposed the idea of Locker Room Talk, it was an immediate yes. I loved the potential of creating a locker room and a community where everyone who gets involved or visits the space contributes to how it feels.

What can people expect from the events? Kate: The Locker Room Talk exhibition will be open from Monday August 9th to Sunday August 15th, and is free and open to everyone. We encourage people to wander down, soak up the atmosphere of our inner-city locker room, and enjoy the work of over 30 talented artists.

On Tuesday August 10th, we take a deep dive into sexual health, pleasure and relationships with renowned psycho-sexologist Chantelle Otten. Chantelle runs her own practice in Collingwood and is a strong advocate for open and judgement-free discussions about sex, and there’ll be lots of opportunity to ask questions (anonymously if need be – this is all about feeling comfortable!).

On Wednesday August 11th, we’ll be joined by Maria Montes, Katarina Matic, Rachel Worcou, Aimee Carruthers and Jes Harris – five creative professionals in different stages of their careers. This impressive panel will be sharing their experiences within the creative industry, and talking about stuff like the importance of growing your own community and the struggle to build a work identity, especially when your job and sense of self are so tightly linked.

On Friday night we celebrate! Between 6pm–9pm, our sponsor Minor Figures will be bringing the tunes and making a limited number of espresso martinis. There’ll also be copies of frankie magazine for the first 100 visitors. This night is free but we ask everyone register beforehand so we can remain COVID-safe.

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Will interstate and international folks be able to experience Locker Room Talk online? Kate: Yes! We really wanted Locker Room Talk to be accessible for as many people as possible, whether they live far away or face challenges that sometimes make it too difficult to leave the house. So both the Tuesday Q&A and the Wednesday panel discussion will be recorded and available to view online, and you’ll be able to buy artwork or some merch from our website. We also really encourage everyone to join the conversation over on Instagram ( and experience the show there as we continue to bring it to life.

How does creativity connect to self-expression for you? Kate: This connection is key, and sometimes I find it challenging to separate the two even when I want to. One of the things I love about illustration and lettering is that it allows me to express tricky life stuff in a way that’s (hopefully) beautiful. It gives me the opportunity to connect with others who are wading through similar issues.

Lou: For me, it’s about exploring different creative practices and getting comfortable with calling myself an artist and understanding what that means to me. I love that I can bring silly ideas to life or try new things (like my latest purchase: a rug tufting gun!). With my freelance work, I choose clients whose purpose I connect with and who allow me to do fun things and bring some of myself to the project. It means I constantly get to be part of different worlds, discover what I love to do and how I can utilise my creativity to meet client needs – and make them giggle along the way.

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What inspires your creative process? Kate: Things I’ve observed or noticed in life, whether that be someone’s interesting behaviour at the supermarket or my own thoughts and emotions. And of course, there’s always room to write or draw about my greatest muse: my dog Vince.  

Lou: I find lots of inspiration in things and people around me. I enjoy making everyday objects special, or creating illustrations that have a backstory that no one knows but me. There are often hidden surprises in my drawings, and if no one notices, I don’t care. I had fun making it! Pop culture is also a big one. Who doesn’t love drawing Bill Murray in different moods?

Where can we see more of your work and meet the other artists in the event? Please come and join the party over on Instagram, and then head to our website where you can get to know all of the artists and speakers, and grab tickets to any Locker Room Talk events. We’ll also be releasing a limited line of merch and some artworks closer to the event date, which will be available for pre-sale. If you want to be first in the know, register for email updates via our website. You can also check out our work at and We’re a chatty pair, so feel free to drop us a line.

We're giving away two double passes to the Locker Room Talk event of your choice. Head here to throw your hat in the ring.