ho kiou crochet jewellery

3:00pm Friday, 11 Jan.

There's no better way to finish a sweltering hot day by the poolside than a good ole summer thunderstorm. Or if you don't have that choice, a crochet lightening necklace.

knitted fruit necklace giveaway

3:00pm Sunday, 21 Oct.

Cramming three pieces of fruit into your day isn't as hard as what most people make it out to be. These knitted fruit necklaces may not be edible (unless your dog has a penchant for yarn), but at least you're taking a tasty step in the right direction.

tiny crocheted animals by su ami

9:00am Sunday, 23 Sep.

If The Borrowers were pretty nifty with a crochet hook and owned a zoo, this would pretty much be the result.

marta costa knits and crochet

3:00pm Tuesday, 31 Jul.

Some knitting and crochet delights all the way from Portugal.


3:00pm Thursday, 01 Dec.

How pretty is this Cvetnoetno furniture set?

dark and stormy

4:00pm Monday, 07 Nov.

Ever feel like you've got a dark cloud following you around? It needn't be a bad thing, especially if you're sporting this necklace.

a good egg

9:00am Friday, 04 Nov.

Doing his best to challenge what it is people actually see, Thomas' handmade installations feature knitted foodie things and leave us hungry for more.

oh hello there!

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